Play Command & Conquer Retro MOD here in your Browser or download for Windows, Linux and ARMv7 (Raspberry Pi).

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Welcome back Commander!

You can play a Singleplayer Game here in your Browser or download a version for Windows, Linux and ARMv7 with Cross-Multiplayer. Latest Firefox and fast CPU recommended for playing in the Browser.

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new Singleplayer Campaign

Play through a complete new GDI and NOD Campaign.

Retro Missions

23 instant accessable Missions. 10 GDI and 13 NOD objectives to complete.

No cheating

You cannot cheat in C&C Retro, and the CPU does not have instant rebuilds of structures.

Windows, Linux and ARMv7

Even works on your Raspberry Pi. Small download size, no installer, portable on an USB stick.

Play C&C in your Browser:

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Thanks to HQ Gaming for the Webserver

Download C&C Retro revision 03 for Windows, Linux and ARMv7 (Raspberry Pi)

Download for Windows and Linux ~18,2MB

Download for ARMv7 (Raspberry Pi) ~22,6MB


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